FirstConsult is one of the leading consulting firms in Ethiopia, specializing in delivering effective and business-oriented solutions to the development, business, HR, and finance/investment sectors.

Our vision – Committed to enhancing the standards of the consulting industry; we are focused on assisting dynamic and leading organizations to realize their potential towards the development of Ethiopia and Africa at large.

Our consultants have a depth of experiences, ranging from investment in the UK to development consulting in USA to corporate consulting in Germany.

Development Consulting
FirstConsult works with development partners in Economics, Development, Financial Sector Development, BDS development, and more.
Investment Services
With an attractive investment climate and significant upside potential, many foreign companies decide to invest in Ethiopia. How about yours?
Business Development
FirstConsult provides management consulting and Business Development Services (BDS) to companies in many areas.
Fund Management
We are engaged in a private equity project aimed at introducing a venture capital fund to the Ethiopian financial and business sectors for SMEs.


Investment Opportunities in Livestock SectorInve Opp

First Consult is undertaking a project that aims to connect investors with lucrative investment opportunities in the livestock sector. We have identified & shortlisted over 100 investee companies engaged in dairy production, dairy processing, animal fattening and animal feed production. These companies are currently looking for a potential partner (individual or institutional investor) in order to raise the required level of financing for expansion.


Private Enterprise Programme Ethiopia (PEPE)


First Consult is an implementing partner in the 7 years, £43 million Private Enterprise Programme Ethiopia (PEPE), for the UK Department for International Development. PEPE aims to support small and medium enterprises gain access to finance, generate good quality jobs and increase income for Ethiopia’s poor. It plans to work within the priority sectors of horticulture, cotton/textile and livestock/leather to address a range of market failures.

CapitaLink Project

FundManagementFirst Consult in partnership with Triodos Facet is implementing the 6 million Euro, CapitaLink project. The project has two components. First, it provides partial guarantees for banks to provide microfinance loans. Second, it provides technical assistance to banks to facilitate the microfinance loan and to microfinance institutions to strengthen them as well as increase their financing to micro and small enterprises.


InvestmentServicesAgriVest is a joint venture between First Consult Ltd, and Incluvest B.V., a Dutch company focusing on providing financial solutions for agribusinesses.

A triple bottom-line venture capital facility focusing on small agribusiness with high growth potential, Agrivest makes equity investments for capital requirements of between $100,000 and $400,000.