Ethiopian Financial Inclusion Project

First Consult designed and over the last two years supported the implementation of the Ethiopia Financial Inclusion Project (EFIP). EFIP fosters financial inclusion. Financial Inclusion is a state in which all people of working age have access to a full suite of qual­ity financial services that includes payment and fund transfer service, a bank (savings) account and access to credit or insurance. By equipping selected financial institutions with appropriate technologies, they provide banking services in remote area’s where branches are too expensive. These services are provided at affordable prices, in a convenient man­ner and with dignity for the clients. The majority of these clients were excluded from the formal financial system before. The leverage to make agent banking feasible is the electronic transfer of PSNP, a Government to people safety net cash transfer scheme to the poorest people in the country by which they can survive. The programme is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation until May 2014.

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